The Business Valuation Process

step 1

Introductory Meeting and Determining the Appropriate Level of Service

Business valuation projects vary based on needs and circumstances, so we start with a conversation with you to determine the basic information for the project and how to proceed. This step involves signing an engagement letter, formally hiring us to perform the valuation work.

step 2

Information Gathering, Analysis, and Research

Once engaged, we will go to work obtaining the pertinent documents to complete our analysis. We will take an in-depth look at your company and compare it to its industry, asking questions to company management to understand the meaning behind the numbers.

step 3

Apply Business Valuation Approach

In this step, we consider the possible business valuation methods and select those most likely to yield meaningful value indications. This step includes consideration of any minority, marketability, or other valuation discounts.

step 4

Report Writing and Preparation

This step consists of writing the report in the agreed upon format. Full valuation reports present all relevant facts and explain all analyses, procedures, and decisions. Summary and calculation reports are less detailed.